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We recommend that you take a buccal swab sample if you or the person has no, fine or grey hair, or if there are no visible roots on the hair sample. You may use hair or swab from each person; they DO NOT have to send in the same type of samples, as DNA is the same in every cell in the body.

  1. Label a paper-bag with name of the person to be tested Please ensure the same information is written on the Sample Submission Sheet which you should have already printed out, (if not, click here to request paternity document - request siblings documents - request twins documents or print dna profile documents).

  2. Take a brand new toothbrush from its packet and gently rub the bristled end on the inside of the cheek up and down for around 4 to 6 seconds. Using the same toothbrush repeat again, on the inside of the other cheek.

  3. Instead of the toothbrush you can use 3 cotton buds (Q-tips).

    You MUST cut the head of one side of the cotton bud (Q-tip), so we KNOW which side of the cotton bud contains the DNA!
    After you have cut the head of the cotton buds on one side, hold the handles of 3 cotton buds in one hand and rub the head of the bud on the inside of the cheek. Rubbing up and down firmly inside the cheek for at least 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side of the cheek, so a total of 4 cotton buds per person.

  4. Immediately place the swabs into the paper bag (DO NOT use a plastic bag) or paper envelope. This will enable the swabs to dry out and help preserve the DNA. From this point the swabs should last several months or even years.

  5. Seal paper bag/envelopes and send, with sample information form and payment to DNA Solutions Pty Ltd. (click for locations).

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