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How do I perform a paternity test?

You can follow the instructions provided in the PDF files or we can send by regular mail a kit that has everything you need, including instructions, collecting samples and DNA Solutions brochure.

What does the DNA test kit contain?

The kit contains information about our company, our services, sampling procedures, forms and also the mouth swabs, so you can take the samples yourself.

What is the cost of the DNA test kit?

The kit with instructions and the material is sent with no obligation. For the DNA analysis you have to pay prices are included in the kit or you can view them on our website.

What samples should I provide?

A sample from the inside of the cheek is reliable and painless. This can be obtained by scraping the inner cheek with the mouth swabs included in the kit. But you can also send unusual samples as hair with the roots, used toothbrushes, dried blood, stains on undergarments, etc. If you have any questions about whether your sample is acceptable for laboratory analysis, then please contact us.

Can I send blood or fluids?

We do not use blood samples in tubes or urine cups since the shipment of these samples is much more difficult and they expire much faster than a mouth sample. Mouth samples can last for long, and has no "expiration date", although we recommend that you send us the sample just after getting it.

Do I need permission for the test?

We need a person to be responsible for reading, accepting and signing the form, terms and conditions. So the signature of a responsible person is necessary. But there is no permission from anyone needed since the tests are for peace of mind only.

Is the sample of the mother needed?

If you can't get the sample from the mother it can be done with the samples from the father and child in most cases. If there are doubts about the parents being relatives we recommend you include a sample from the mother. Her sample can be used to exclude possible matches.

Is the sample from the father the only way to do the test?

In cases in which it is not possible to obtain the sample of the alleged father DNA Solutions can analyze the paternal relatives. If you have this type of case, please contact us through chat, e-mail or telephone, and one of our DNA specialists can advise on the different types of tests.

What is the cost of the test?

Prices depend on the test you want done. Our prices are cheaper for a quality test, as we process all the evidence in our own facilities. For more information visit our page on the proof of paternity or parentage.

What are the Loci or Alleles?

A "loci" means a region within DNA. These regions of the DNA chain are different among individuals, and these variations are called alleles. When analyzing more regions of DNA we achieve more accurate result, because there is more data to compare each sample.

Why offer analysis of 18 and 23 region?

- For some, the 18 region test is more attractive because it increases accuracy and it guarantees accuracy of 99.99%
- The 23 region test is recommended in areas where there is an unusual relationship between parents. This test helps determine fatherhood even if the alleged parents are cousins, siblings or related.

What is the accuracy?

Our most accessible paternity test has at least 99.99% accuracy. Our tests achieve the highest accuracy with the lowest price.

How long does it take to get the results?

Usually 5 business days from receipt of the samples in our laboratory.. If you want the results in a shorter time please contact our specialists for our fast delivery options.

Is the test confidential?

All customer information and results are strictly confidential. Results can only be given to persons who either signed the terms and conditions, or who have the confidential password. In addition to increased protection and confidentiality we ask for a password in the order form to give the results.

Is there an age limit for participants tested?

You can take an oral sample regardless of age. There is no age limit, since you can take a sample from the day the baby is born until the person dies.

If I had an operation or medical condition does it affect the results?

Most of the operations and products do not affect the genetics but there are treatments such as cancer, bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy that can change the genetic information. If you have any of these experiences, please contact one of our event specialists to advise him.

Do the DNA samples expire?

As mentioned, DNA samples collected with mouth swabs do not expire.

Can the germs from your mouth contaminate the sample?

Germs in your mouth do not pollute or endanger the results of the DNA test. We recommend that samples are taken before eating, preferably in the morning.