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ABOUT PATERNITY TESTING - More about DNA, loci and paternity testing

DNA paternity testing is the most accurate method to determine paternity because all DNA profiles are unique for each person, and therefore the odds of two unrelated people sharing enough DNA to be tested as related is incredibly small. The paternity testing process excludes relationships between individuals by comparing up to 23 region or regions of their DNA. A paternity test works by testing several regions of DNA (called loci) in each person.

  • If all the regions match, then we have a positive result, (is the father)
  • If some of the regions do not match then we have a negative result, (is not the father)
  • Therefore the more regions you test, the more certain we will be of giving you the correct result
  • Your advantage is using DNA SOLUTIONS to test for you 18 or 23 regions
  • No other lab will test as many highly informative regions, some testing as low as 9 or 11 regions, while many labs have adopted 16 regions.

The DNA testing its based in the exact analysis of the genetic profile of the mother of the child and the father. If we know the genetic profile of the mother and your son or daughter, the genetic profile of the father can be deducted with total accuracy.

Each paternity test report clearly indicates the paternity if:
The tested man is excluded, and therefore can not be the biological father of the child.
The man tested is not excluded. The statistical data in the report state that he is the biological father.

DNA is the genetic material in every cell, each has 46 chromosomes, the only exception is on male’s sperm cells and on women’s eggs cells and both of these cells only have 23 chromosomes. When conception occurs male and female chromosomes are combined and produce a brand new profile with 46 chromosomes, half of these from the father and half from the mother.

The DNA paternity testing is an exact analysis of the genetic profiles of both parents and the child. If the comparison in each region of DNA is identical between other, father and child we can have an accuracy of over 99.9%.

A DNA paternity test is the most trusted method to confirm or reject paternity or maternity, this is why it is used by lawyers, doctors and parents in doubt. Our Paternity testing is done with maximum discretion and privacy.



18 Region Premium Test - 99.99% accuracy: US$ 149 (with or without mother's DNA)

23 Region Premium Test - 99.9999% accuracy: US$ 196 (with or without mother's DNA)

For the above 2 tests each additional child (or an additional father) costs US$ 79


About discreet samples:

Understandably you may wish to test discreetly without unnecessarily upsetting a child with regards to the issues of paternity testing, not untilperhapsafter test results are known. We can test a toothbrush, a used Q-tip (used to clean the ear) or nail clippings. We obtain DNA from
toothbrushes in around 90% of cases, and from Q-tips and nail clippings in 80% of cases. MORE INFO HERE

Other relationship tests:

DNA SOLUTIONS also has a variety of other relationship tests, such as brother to brother, sister to sister, grandparent to grandchild, twin zygosity testing, etc. MORE INFO HERE