When you order our home DNA kit you will receive the following items:

Home DNA Kit

The DNA kit is packaged into a plain envelope.

There is no mention of DNA testing on the envelope front or back.

DNA Solutions kit

DNA swabs

Your paternity test home kit will contain 1 packet of swabs per person.

If you told us there is 2 persons being tested (ie. father and child) we will ship you two packets.

DNA swabs

Order Form

This is the form you will fill out to tell us how you want your paternity test results. Additionally it will allow you order service extras, such as DNA Images from the analysis computers.

DNA Order Form


The instructions tell you step by step how to use the swabs. It is a very simple process and just involves rubbing the mouth swab on the inside of the cheek and labelling the packet.

We are available by phone and online chat to immediately answer any additional questions you have.

How use swabs