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Clients in Salt Lake City can now contact our DNA paternity test experts with their DNA testing questions. Our high end accuracy DNA paternity tests can now be ordered via a home testing kit or you can attend a nominated medical centre in Salt Lake City.

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DNA testing bares Neanderthal secrets - Salt Lake City News
The archaic human species that dominated Europe until 30,000 years ago is about to emerge from the shadows. With the help of a new DNA sequencing machine that operates with firefly light, the bones of the Neanderthals have begun to tell their story to geneticists. One million units of Neanderthal DNA have already been analyzed, and a draft version of the entire genome, 3.2 billion units in length, should be ready in two years, said Svante Paabo, the leader of the research project at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.