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Based in Colorado & in need of a DNA Paternity test? DNA Solutions can accurately remove any doubts you may have through their home testing DNA kits. Simply order online and receive in the comfort of your own home. Using a q-tip swab, take a mouth swab from those individuals needing a DNA test and return to us for high accuracy analysis at our accredited ISO laboratory.

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DNA News - Colorado

Scientists studying single-celled organisms called ciliates have found that the tiny animals are experts at sorting, shuffling and splicing DNA when they reproduce. Some of the repertoire of tricks ciliates use to untangle their DNA resemble the techniques that computer programmers use to make software more elegant and robust. Rather than find new techniques to carry out DNA computing, Dr Rozenberg believes that harnessing the information processing abilities of living organisms to tackle tricky computational problems could be more fruitful. He is working with microbiologists from the University of Colorado, US, on ways to use ciliates for real DNA computing.