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Kentucky DNA Paternity Test

DNA Solutions Kentucky

In need of a DNA test and based in Kentucky. Individuals can receive a peace of mind paternity test kit via the post or they can attend a nominated medical centre in Kentucky to have their DNA collected if the DNA test is needed for a court case.

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DNA News - Kentucky

A woman is spearheading a programme to resurrect a rare horse thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in the 1960s. The breed is the smallest in the world, standing from just 10 hands high and is making a reappearance, thanks to DNA testing being carried out at Bytham Stud near Castle Bytham, by enthusiasts like Ms Bowles. Louise Firouz, who rediscovered a small herd of the horses in Iran in 1965, spoke to the society along with Dr Guy Cothran, from Kentucky, USA, who is conducting the DNA tests.