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Calling from Montana, our customer services representatives can be reached on Toll Free 888-900-9040. If your based in Montana & in need of a paternity test, contact our certified laboratory who will assist you on the type of DNA test that's suitable for your needs.

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DNA News - Montana

If blood cells really have survived for 65 million years locked inside the fossiled femur of Tyrannosaurus rex, the chances of retrieving the dinosaur's DNA from them are slim, say geneticists. The US National Science Foundation announced that Mary Schweitzer, a student from Montana State University, had found 'spherical structures that have the appearance of red blood cells' in the marrow of a T. rex femur unearthed in Montana. Preliminary analyses suggest that the structures contain proteins and nucleic acids, said the NSF. Jack Horner, a palaeontologist at Montana, is trying to extract DNA from the cells, said the foundation.