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ISO 17025 Accredited DNA Laboratory

0 Our lab is capable of DNA ancestry testing, paternity testing, relationship tests, DNA banking and preservation, research and development, DNA testing profile and DNA profiling systems. We additionally have a dedicated research and development team. DNA Paternity TestDNA Paternity Test


So many websites selling paternity tests online are not DNA laboratories but businesses that send your samples to another laboratory for cheap processing. Which raises security, confidentiality and quality concerns. DNA Solutions is the original accreditated DNA laboratory that created the home paterity test kit in 1997, everything else is a copy. Click to see why using DNA Solutions is a clever choice.



DNA SOLUTIONS was inspected and awarded ISO 17025 accreditation for forensic science DNA test. Lab staff are qualified scientists, many with a decade or more of DNA testing experience

Our laboratory performs DNA test with superior accuracy, because we test MORE DNA in each person. All DNA tests are strictly confidential. DNA laboratory analysts double check your DNA testing results and computer generated reports eliminate the chance of error.



Established in 1996, DNA SOLUTIONS has performed over 100,000 DNA tests for governments, doctors, lawyers, TV shows, pathology companies, etc.

Many of our technical staff and management are ex-police and ex-military DNA testing forensic scientists, further enhancing the quality and range of our DNA tests. Processing occurs in our own DNA laboratory, where we additionally carry out extensive research and development.



Call 888-900-9040 to be answered immediately by DNA SOLUTIONS, not by a call center. We use hi-tech DNA testing technology for fast results in 5-7 days, or faster. Unlike many paternity testing websites which have no laboratory and will send your samples to an external DNA testing company, you can call us, or use the online chat for instant feedback and progress on your DNA test, 22 hours/day. We believe you will not find a better DNA testing service.


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Amazing 18 region (high accurate paternity test) for only US$ 149 - The only laboratory to test over 16 region ( regions) of DNA in each person. Read more about DNA testing.

ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing company performed over 70,000 DNA tests. Click to order, or click to read more about paternity testing.


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Our reccomended DNA testing for court cases and legal proceedings, when our Home Paternity test is just not enough.


The DNA short straw to fatherhood

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The DNA short straw to fatherhood

The DNA short straw to fatherhood

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